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  • Sticker Kit Included
These Radius Edge Wheel Tubs look great and make it easy to get a larger wheel under the back of your Street Machine! 🔥

This Listing is for-

1 x PAIR of Wheel Tubs only (2 xTubs).

These wheel tubs are shipped assembled, the side panel is a complete half moon, ready for you to trace and cut to suit your Chassis Rail profile.
The outer flange also come un-drilled, you can drill to suit your requirements or can stitch weld the lip of the flange to the body of the vehicle. 

They are available in either a 800mm Dia Radius or 830mm Dia Radius

They are available as a Parallel Tub (Straight, such as 1st & 4th Gen Commodores) or a Tapered type Tub (such as 2nd & 3rd Gen Commodores).

Tub width is measured from the face of the Tub Flange to the face of the Tub Side Panel (Overall width)
For the Tapered Tubs, your front measurement is taken at the very front of where the tub will finish (back seat area) & the your rear measurement will be taken at the very rear of where the tub will finish (boot/boot floor area)

We also have 2 pre determined options to suit 1st Gen Commodore, both of which are an 800mm Dia Radius- 

Factory Rail- 195mm
Notched Rail- 240mm 

If required, we also sell the 1st & 2nd Gen Chassis Notch plates HERE

⭐Helpful Tip- Sit the Wheel Tub a further 5-10mm inward than the chassis rail, for the guys trying to squeeze every inch of tyre under the car this will allow the diff to articulate a little without rubbing the inside of the tub!
For example, the factory width of a commodore Rail is 190mm however the Tub we supply is 195mm (give or take a few mm).

This is a new product that we are offering, once we can gauge the average amount of orders we will receive for the Commodore tubs, we will do our best to keep each option of those in stock! 
As for the custom size, please always allow 4 weeks build time on them! 
We do apologise if this is an inconvenience.  

 Please allow up to 7.5mm+/- on the finished Tub width for variances in manufacturing.

As mentioned, this listing is for the two Wheel Tubs Only! No additional pieces.
If you are requiring a complete kit for a Commodore we do have other listings for our Fab and Skid Tubs.

Shipping is charged at $180 Aus wide which covers all major cities, if your freight quote is more than 10% on top of this we will need to email you for additional payment
(if this is a concern please don't hesitate to email us with your postcode for a freight in advance at- Online@showtimecustoms.com.au)

Please Note- All orders are manufactured per order, please allow up to 4 weeks for the order to be fulfilled before shipping.
If you have any queries on turn around time please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Do NOT place the order if you feel these wait times will not work in with your needs, we do not offer direct refunds due to each order being manufactured individually, only store credits will be offered.

Use of ANY products or components designed, manufactured or sold by ‘Showtime Customs & Fabrication’ is done so at your own risk!

All products and components must be installed by a professional.

It is up the user to conduct regular maintenance checks and if there is a product or components to be found faulty or worn, to have it replaced before otherwise failure can occur.

Use of ANY products or components designed, manufactures or sold by ‘Showtime Customs & Fabrication’ leading to / resulting in any product damage, injury or death, Showtime Customs & Fabrication is not liable or at fault.

All suspension, steering, brake etc products or components are to be specifically used in an ‘Off Road’ application for ‘Show’ purposes only.

Now all that aside, get out there, have some fun & be sure to tag our Instagram and Facebook page!

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