Showtime Builds

Tinwork & Rear end set up on a VK

Fit out with all the Showtime tinwork in the Boot.  We also set it up on one of our Braced Sheetmetal 9” Diffs running the Pro Street Bracketry fitted with Harrop Performance Brakes.
As well as the above floor Crossmember and Panhard setup.
All bracketry is available to purchase on our online store.

Silver SS on Stars 

We had Kris’ Killer LS3 powered Manual VY SS in for a Showtime Rear End 
A 100mm IRS and Minitubs along with our Rasied Diff Tubular Subframe and 1000hp Driveshafts has it looking on point and ready for plenty of street driving.

Deep dish on a VH

Here is Josh’s clean Vh that we just finished up a rear end on.
Consisting of a Minitub, Wilwood Brakes and our Pro Street 9” Diff setup. Finishing it all off with a set of Deep Dish Walkies.

Alim’s VL in for Fab work 

Sporting our Pro Street Sheetmetal 9” setup, fitted with Wilwood Brakes & Viking coilovers, it will be more than capable of handling the cranky LSA blown driveline
Along with our Fabricated Tubs inc a Sheetmetal Floor, Raised Hump & Raised Tailshaft Hump.
As well as our recessed Fuel Cell.
And finishing things off up front with a set of our BC Racing Coilovers & SCF Shortened Tubular Control Arm setup.

Aaron’s Vs Ute in for some rear end work to fit the big 275/60’s

Fitting some Fabricated Tubs and Raised Hump to house the new found rubber and then onto building up a tough little borgy with 31Spl Axles/Full spool as well as some 4 link bars and a Coilover Setup.

Aaron’s cranky little ute runs a Warspeed built Nitrous fed 383ci and with the new rear end combo should see it dip into the 9’.