Pro Street Commodore 9" Diff & 4 Link Package- VB-VS (Coilover Style)

Pro Street Commodore 9" Diff & 4 Link Package- VB-VS (Coilover Style)

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Whether you're building your car at home in the shed or run a professional fabrication business, if you're looking for a no fuss 9" diff and 4 link install that will handle anything you can throw at it and look good doing it, then this is the kit for you!

This Listing is for-
1 x SCF Pro Street 9" Diff Housing- To Suit VB-VS Commodore
1 x PAIR RTS Billet Axles 31Spl/35Spl
1 x PAIR SCF Adjustable Lower Trailing Arm's
1 x PAIR SCF Adjustable Upper Trailing Arm's
1 x SCF Panhard Bar
Including all appropriate Hardware.

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These kits are designed to fit our Pro Street bracketry 9" Housing & 4 Link Bar Set to your 1st or 2nd Gen Live Axle Commodore Sedan, Ute or Wagon!

This kit requires the use of Coilovers (If you wish to retain the factory Spring/Shock style setup, please see our Street & Strip Package)

The Pro Street Bracketry allows for adjustable Anti-Squat and Instant Centre Value's as well as up to 4.5" of Ride Height adjustment!
It also retains the ability to run a factory Sway Bar.

The Housing starts out as a STRANGE Centre section (offset Pinion), then fitted with 3" Axle Tubes at the desired length and fitted with Housing End Flanges (Commodore style for 31Spl or Ford Big New for 35Spl)
Brake Tabs are fitted along with a Brake Hardline to suit. 
Housing Fitted with Fill Plug, Drain Plug and Diff Centre Section Studs
Diff length is measured from Wheel mounting face to Wheel mounting face, from this measurement we then deduct 5mm per side for 35Spl Axles & 7.5mm per side for 31Spl Axles to allow for Rotor thickness. Please allow up to 10mm+/- on the finished diff length for variances in manufacturing.
Please ensure you have the correct measurement, no refunds will be given on incorrect diff length.

Billet Axles are machined to suit and fitted with 1/2" x 3" Studs, Bearings/Seals/Retaining Plates 
Please select which Axle Spline option you require- 31Spl Axle option(rated to 700hp) will have Commodore Housing Ends fitted, 35Spl Axle option(rated to 1000hp) will have Ford Big New Housing Ends fitted
Axles have a 69.5mm Centre Bore
31Spl Axles have a Commodore Disc brake Offset
31Spl Axles are fitted with Disc Brake width Axle Seals
35Spl Axles have a 2.5" Brake Offset to suit off the shelf Wilwood Kit
35Spl Axles do NOT come with Retaining Plates (These are included in Wilwood Brake Kits)

Next up is the Adjustable Upper/Lower Trailing Arms & Panhard Bar, optioned for either Heim joint or Poly Bush
Lower Arms run a Heim joint on the Body side regardless to allow for the angle of the mounts
Arm's will bolt directly into the factory mounting points, you can also upgrade to our SCF Pro Radial style Body mounts if need be (which will also work with the supplied arms)
Panhard Length is to suit our Panhard body mounts, please select which model mount you require, if you wish to fabricate your own Body mount then select- No Panhard Mount
This setup will not work with the factory Panhard body mount.
If you wish to run an above floor Coilover Crossmember, please select the- Above Floor Panhard Mount option (This does NOT mount the actual Panhard above the floor)

You can also opt to include-
Viking Coilover's
Coilover Crossmember

If you wish to source your own Coilover, typically an underfloor coilover length will be 14" Extended with a 4" Stroke such as a Viking C206, an above floor length Coilover however will need to measured on the vehicle accordingly.

Please also see our DIY Tub Kits available to purchase as well🙂

Shipping is not charged for in checkout, you will be Invoiced for the shipping amount once your order is packaged and shipping has been quoted. 
You will receive an email with the attached invoice, once paid please reply with a payment remittance to ensure there is no delay in shipping.
Your order under no circumstances will NOT be shipped until complete payment for the total of the order & shipping has been received.
Shipping will need to be to a commercial/business address, otherwise a tailgate loader truck will have to be booked (at an additional cost). 
Please see below for rough estimates of shipping prices, these prices are only a rough estimate and can vary for rural cities/towns. Please email us with your postcode if you would like a closer estimate!

Melbourne- $140
Canberra- $155
Sydney- $155
Adelaide- $155
Perth- $260
Brisbane- $185
Darwin- $280

Pick up-
Pick up is available from our Workshop, STRICTLY by appointment only!
Once your order is complete, you will receive an email to arrange a time/date for collection. 
Without prior arrangements you will NOT be able to collect your order, unfortunately we don't have a premises that is suitable to be open to the public.
Our workshop address is:
2 Depot road, Heathcote Victoria 

Please note-

All orders are manufactured per order, please allow up to 8 weeks for the order to be fulfilled before shipping. 
Stock qty's and wait times on products such as Axle's & Coilover's etc can vary and are out of our control.
If you have any queries on turn around time please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Do NOT place the order if you feel that the product itself , the wait times or shipping terms will not work in with your needs, we do not offer direct refunds due to each order being manufactured individually, only store credits will be offered.

This kit does not include any form of engineering or imply that it is built to a specific standard.
(Basically, you will need to have your preferred engineer assess and sign off on the complete vehicle including the rear end modifications. We always suggest chatting with an engineer prior to modifying your vehicle if you wish to keep the car 'street legal')


Use of ANY products or components designed, manufactured or sold by ‘Showtime Customs & Fabrication’ is done so at your own risk!

All products and components must be installed by a professional.

It is up the user to conduct regular maintenance checks and if there is a product or components to be found faulty or worn, to have it replaced before otherwise failure can occur.

Use of ANY products or components designed, manufactures or sold by ‘Showtime Customs & Fabrication’ leading to / resulting in any product damage, injury or death, Showtime customs & Fabrication is not liable or at fault.

All suspension, steering, brake etc products or components are to be specifically used in an ‘Off Road’ application for ‘Show’ purposes only.

Now all that aside, get out there, have some fun & be sure to tag our Instagram and Facebook page!

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