RTS Diff Centre Sections

The RTS True Grip Pro is a derivative of the commonly known trade name the 'True Track'
Please don't get confused by that, these centre sections are a True Track style centre, that do remain open (only one wheel receives drive) until the power is applied in which then both wheels will essentially 'lock' together and deliver 100% of the power to both wheels😈

RTS Center Sections are assembled by Professionals. Ford 9-inch third members are built from quality components with an exact step-by-step process. We bring this combination of precision assembly and quality components to you at a price that can’t be beat. We trust these third members so much, they’re the go-to choice for our own rides, from the street to the track. 

Tough, Nodular Iron Center Section

Our Ford 9 Inch Nodular Iron Third Member Center Section Carrier starts with a NEW casting with over 4 lbs. of additional material in critical areas. Nodular (ductile) iron is much more resistant to fracturing than OEM “gray” iron or painted black after assembled. Extra ribbing reinforces the case and rearmost pinion support (pilot bearing). 

Thick, forged steel bearing caps surround the carrier bearings, all securely held in place with precision Grade 8 cap screws. The improvements continue with rugged billet steel adjuster nuts and heavy-duty keepers to ensure your ring gear settings are maintained. All mounting surfaces are precision machined to ensure a consistent, flat surface for a positive gasket seal (no more leaks on your shop floor). An oil fill plug is included. 

Precision Assembled for Proper Ring Gear Teeth Pattern

Getting a proper pattern on the ring gear teeth is crucial. Our time-proven, step-by-step process ensures the correct backlash, preload, and proper amount of pinion shims to ensure the correct pattern on the ring gear teeth. Our gears use cold-rolled 8620 steel, known for its long-wear and durability.

To ensure a proper gear pattern, we use our stronger Billet Aluminium Daytona” style pinion bearing support to maintain that critical pinion depth setting. Stronger due to its larger bearings, our Daytona pinion support also uses the spacer-and-shim setup to maintain critical pinion depth settings under high load, unlike traditional crush sleeves which often compress further, take out your preload and lead to failure. With solid bearing spacers and the proper shims, we eliminate this problem and make setting preload easy and repeatable during installation, service and gear changes. Since preload is already set, simply torque the pinion nut to 160 ft./lbs. and you’re good to go. The pinion gear is connected to our new, forged steel 1350 pinion yoke. 

RTS True Grip PRO

The RTS True Grip PRO is a gear driven limited slip differential designed to be among the strongest and most durable in the industry. It combines the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential, with the strength of a fully-machined, forged steel case. Using 3x2 spiral gear technology, the RTS True Grip Pro delivers progressive and variable traction. Based off of throttle input, you are in control of how much traction is applied, which is great for situations where finesse is as important as extreme traction. On the road, in rain and snow, and on the track, True Grip Pro is a winner!

  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Delivers Progressive and Variable Traction
  • Allows You to Control How Much Traction is Applied
  • Uses 3x2 Spiral Gear Technology
  • Housed in a Fully Machined, Forged Steel Case

Proven Reliability

Our third member units are the go-to choice for our own rides and we have built these units to last with high quality hardware and components. Tapered steel roller bearings minimize friction, better handle thrust loads and increase load carrying capacity. The ring gears are assembled with Grade 9 bolts with a tensile strength of 180,000 psi, a 15% increase over Grade 8 hardware.  Heavy duty Grade 8 carrier cap bolts, a lock-style pinion nut with pre-applied Loctite and high-quality grade 5 pinion support bolts make our third member near-bulletproof. 

Our hand-assembled Ford 9 inch third member assemblies are made-to-order. We keep a supply of the most popular gears in stock, with most units built within 2-3 days.


  • Hand-assembled for an unbeatable combination of quality and value
  • Precision assembly for the correct backlash, preload, and proper amount of pinion shims to ensure the correct pattern on the ring gear teeth 
  • Ring and pinion gears of 8620 cold-rolled steel for long wear which include brands like Motive or Richmond
  • Nodular iron housing is stronger than OEM “gray” iron and has 4 lbs of additional reinforcement
  • Large bearing “Daytona” style pinion bearing supports for strength and reliability
  • Spacer and shim setup maintains critical pinion depth settings and easier to service than traditional crush sleeves
  • True Grip Pro LSD Traction System
  • Ring gears assembled with Grade 9 hardware, 15% stronger in tensile strength than Grade 8
  • Grade 8 Carrier cap bolts
  • Lock-style pinion nut with pre-applied Loctite®
  • Grade 5 pinion support bolts

Please Note- These Diff Centre's are sold under the understanding they will be used in a performance application, therefor we cannot offer any Warranty or Returns.

mini tubbbed Vn Clubsport

Brodie’s immaculate Vn Clubsport was in for some Minitubs and a shortened Diff.
Utilising our Tubular upper trailing arms and our Street & Strip tubular lower arm setup.
It has come up a treat and ready for some summer cruising!


Cody’s Vz Ute was sent down from LS Tuning and Performance Centre for our IRS/Split mini tub package, such a simple yet effective solution to fitting a bigger wheel/tyre on the back of your 3rd Gen commodore

For those interested, AK Wheels handled the modifications to the Walky rear wheels, an excellent service and quick turnaround.


All finished up in John’s Turbo Berlina

From our Pro Radial 9” setup to our signature Sheetmetal Boot fit out, this car sure is set to impress when it hits the streets again!

Finishing it off on a set of RC Components Race Wheels, overall complementing the package️


Our Pro Radial rear end is seriously looking the part under Johns VL Turbo Berlina

We set the car up with a Track Locator, tubular Chassis Connectors and an Anti-Roll Bar to complement the package, finishing it off with a set of AFCO Racing Coilovers & a Wilwood Brake kit.

Set up on a 15x10” RC Comp


Tinwork finished up in John’s VL
came up a real treat

Tied the parachute mount into the existing Roll cage.


We had Nathans Vh Sle in for our SCF Pro Street 9” and Minitubs/boot floor.

Should make for a cool cruiser with the blown Ls combo going in

Pro Radial Rear end

Danny El-Sheikh Devil Yellow Vz Clubsport was in the shop for a Showtime Pro Radial Rear end.

We minitubbed the vehicle to suit the WELD Racing 15x10” 275/60 wheel and Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels tyre combo then fabricated our newly designed 3rd gen Pro Radial rear end assembly and fitted it up.
Utilising quality components such as Race Products 35spl Floater axle assembly & Wilwood Disc Brakes brakes, an Enemies Racing Australia Anti-Roll Bar and Viking Performance, Inc. Coilovers we knew this package was going to take all thats thrown at it!

100MM irs rear end

Steve Turk's cranky Vt 9C1 was in the shop getting fitted up with some 22” Simmons all round.

Sporting our Mintub/100mm IRS package including our Viking Coilover Kit in the rear.
Along with some coilovers up front to clear with wheels

pro street 9"

Jamie’s Turbo Vl Calais.

A few of the jobs we completed were-
Our Pro Street bracketry 9” Housing
35Spl True-Trac centre & Axles
4 link & Viking Performance, Inc. Coilovers
Fabricated Mini Tubs to suit factory Fuel Tank
SCF Coilover Crossmember & Panhard mount
SCF Bolt on Chassis Connectors
BC Racing front Coilovers
SCF Tubular Shortened Front Control Arm set
Wilwood Brakes on all 4 corners
Sitting on some 15x10” Beadlock Weld wheels and 275/60 tyres.


This Vn Calais was sent over from Boost and Tune Solutions for our Pro Radial Style rear end setup.

Consisting of-
MiniTubs with raised Hump (removable for Shock/ARB access)
Raised Tailshaft Hump
Rear Firewall Panel
Upper & Lower Adjustable Body Bracketry
Chassis Connectors
Anti-Roll Bar
SCF Pro Radial Sheetmetal 9” Housing & 4 link
Rear Track Locator
Wilwood brake setup

Finished off with a set of 275/60’s fitted to ERA Double Beadlock Race wheels


Finished up on Colby Gilkes Vh, next stop for this killer build is paint and panel.

Some of the works we completed include~
Our tubular front control arm set to suit factory Kframe and knuckle (this allows the wheel to not only pull in 25mm but also has adjustable caster, which helps pull the 22” wheel away from the lip of the guard and forward away from the firewall)
355mm Wilwood Front Brake Kit
Our BC Racing Front Coilovers
Full Underbody Metal Treatment & Stoneguard
A full SCF Boot Tinwork Treatment inc~ Radius Edge TubsRaised HumpSide panels (Removeable panels in both)
Rear Panel (Removeable)
Raised tunnel
Proflow Recessed Fuel Cell
Our SCF Pro Street Sheetmetal 9” Diff & 4 Link Setup
Wilwood Rear Brake kit
Our SCF Kirkey Seat mounts

Finished off with a huge set of 22”x7” & 22”x12” Simmons


Tubbed, 4 Link'd and Radials


Sporting the SCF 100mm IRS, Tubular Rear Subframe, Tubs, Sheetmetal Floor, Coilover Kit and more.

How good do the Gold Plated 22" Simmons look!


You may recognize UNCUFD from our youtube series back in 2019.
Accepted the challenge of a very short deadline to make it to Summernats.

If you haven't had a chance to watch the 5 part series click the link below;