V2 EXTREME LOCK KIT VT-VZ - Rack Relocate Option
V2 EXTREME LOCK KIT VT-VZ - Rack Relocate Option
V2 EXTREME LOCK KIT VT-VZ - Rack Relocate Option
V2 EXTREME LOCK KIT VT-VZ - Rack Relocate Option

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V2 EXTREME LOCK KIT VT-VZ - Rack Relocate Option

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Our latest V2 Steering Lock Kit
This is the ultimate in Steering Angle and Performance!

The Kit consists of-

Lower Control Arm's
Front Caster Arm's
Front Caster Plate's
Modified Steering Knuckle's

Steering Rack Spacer's
Extended Tie Rods
Tie Rod Ends
Modified K-Frame
Modified Lower Steering Column

If you select Changeover, you will need to send in your own knuckles, k-frame, steering column

Ship to: Showtime Customs & Fabrication 2 Depot Road, Heathcote 3523 VIC 0432 020 733 Sales@showtimecustoms.com.au

We strongly suggest that you send in your parts to be modified!
With an increasing difficulty in sourcing them, we cannot confirm an ETA

Introducing the VT-VZ Stg3 V2 Kit! (Pontiac GTO '04-'06)
With a newly designed control arm/caster arm assembly this kit will allow clearance for the widest of wheels to be ran at 70+ degrees of lock without fowling on either the caster arm or the chassis rails!

Whilst we not only wanted to achieve the looks and finish of something that can stand above the rest we also wanted to offer a product that will work with our fabricated knuckles that will be released later this year that are anticipated to be capable of 0 degrees of Ackerman at 70 degrees of steering angle!

The kit does not come with sway bar links (which is ok to run no sway bar if you are running coilovers up front), OEM Style sway bar links or Double Heim sway links are available to purchase separately, these mount onto the Lower control arm as apposed to the factory setup where they mount to the strut.

This kit is optioned with the 45mm steering rack relocated k-frame.   
Please note vehicles fitted with large exhaust headers may foul on the steering column. 
Before ordering, measure for clearance.

Fitted with Premium Teflon lined Chromoly Heim joints allows for great adjustment with absolutely zero flex within the complete front suspension! 
The arms are approx. 50mm extended over the standard control arm length which will require pumping the guards if wanting to keep the tyre somewhat covered.
Unlike some other lock kits on the market we design our knuckles to still allow complete rack travel, helping with driveability and reducing un needed twitchiness!
The kit will work with standard struts. 

Please be aware this product comes shipped on a mini skid- please provide a shipping address where yourself or a family member will be present at time of delivery.




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