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These rear IRS Cradle's have been braced to prevent cracking and fitted with a pair of our Camber boxes.

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1 x Irs strengthened Subframe fitted with camber boxes, to suit Vp,Vq,Vr,Vs IRS commodores.

Once lowering (or used in heavy towing) your Vp-Vs irs commodore the rear cradle are prone to cracking around the bolt hole's that secure the diff centre, in short this is caused from extra load applied through the cradle and flexing the diff centre causing fatigue fractures.
To prevent cracking we reinforce the top of the subframe with an additional plate (We also sell these plates separately for DIY).
Another flaw that the early IRS commodores suffer from is poor camber and lack of camber adjustment, to overcome this issue we fit our camber boxes to the subframe which considerably improves the camber, allowing the car to drive nicer and stop wearing out tyres prematurely!

We can also supply Adjustable Camber/Toe bushes to adjust the rear alignment, as well as Subframe bushes.

Subframe's come finished in a satin black enamel, Powdercoating available for an additional $120

With good condition Subframe's becoming increasingly hard to get we do encourage you to send in your old (good condition, uncracked) cradle for a reduced 'core charge' price of $125.
If you select the 'Changeover' option, we will not ship your order until the good condition subframe has been received.

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