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Our Stage 2 VR-VS Lock Kit are a great bang for buck kit for beginners wanting to push there skills to a new level.

If you select Changeover, you will need to send in your own knuckles, control arms, caster rods

Ship to: Showtime Customs & Fabrication 2 Depot Road, Heathcote 3523 VIC 0432 020 733

We strongly suggest that you send in your parts to be modified!
With an increasing difficulty in sourcing them, we cannot confirm an ETA

The Kit consist of –

1 x Pair Modified Drift Knuckles
1 x Pair 25mm Extended Control Arms
2 x Tie Rods / Rod Ends
2 x Shortened Castor Rods

Running Drift Knuckles will allow you to hold a far greater angle through your drift, increase your entry speeds into corners and decreases the chance of spinning out.
The Extended LCA's are great for providing extra track width.
This gives you a good increase in camber.
Arms are fitted with brand new balljoints
From factory Commodore's have a very poor amount of caster,  by increasing the caster angle you have a greater "self steering" feel to the car that will remove a lot of the higher speed twitchiness and add a lot of high speed stability.

Overall, this puts together a great feeling and excellent handling lock kit!

If requiring us to supply an fit Inner LCA and LCA-Caster rod bushes please add these two links to your cart before checkout!

Also as a suggestion, it is advised to run a set of bolt on sway link's/brackets if not running coilover. However these are not compulsory 

Please Note - 

  • For those running a typical Holden 8" wide alloy wheel you may need to run a 10mm slip on wheel spacer as the inside of the rim can foul on the Tie Rod under full lock. 
  • Brake Rotor may rub on LCA at full lock.
  • If running a lot of camber with a wide wheel you may need to trim the front bar and massage the battery box on the drivers side with a hammer. 
  • To reduce caster you can run additional washers on the caster rods ( Front side of LCA, Rear side of front caster bush )

    Leave Note if needing ABS Knuckles



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Now all that aside, get out there, have some fun & be sure to tag our Instagram and Facebook page!

 Please Note- All orders are manufactured per order, please allow up to 4 weeks for the order to be fulfilled before shipping.
If you have any queries on turn around time please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Do NOT place the order if you feel these wait times will not work in with your needs, we do not offer direct refunds due to each order being manufactured individually, only store credits will be offered.