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Chromoly Tubular rear subframe to suit VT-VZ Commodores inc Pontiac GTO.

1 X Tubular Rear Subframe

Constructed from 4130 Chromoly tube, this Rear Subframe is lighter and stronger than the stock unit.
But most importantly, we have rectified the Camber/Toe issues that the factory cradle's suffer from whilst raising the diff height 46mm which greatly improves the CV Driveshafts angle!

The number one cause of CV failure is inappropriate angles once loaded up (In the case of a hard launch on a drag car or aggressive gear shifts on race cars and ultra low vehicles including airbagged cars)

So by raising the diff centre you will in turn reduce CV wear/chance of failure.
We have spent many hours on the design of this setup to best suit any application from Drift/Grip driving where the car is substantially lower than factory through to Drag racing.

We have a few options available being stock diff centre height position or 46mm raised height as well cradle to suit toe rods or non toe rods (Non Toe Rod option needed when running our SCF modified IRS arms).

To compliment the subframe we suggest running polyeurethane or solid bushes as well as the camber/toe adjustable bushes in the trailing arms (if purchasing our modified arms also, please note they come fitted with SuperPro adjustable bushes fitted to the arms already)

Please Note-

The Tubular Cradle allows the standard position of the sway bar.
Also the raised diff option will not need modifications for the factory tail shaft (Driveshaft) to clear the body, but please check for clearance when running a larger 1 piece shaft.above the shaft closest to the diff end.

The raised diff height will require some fabrication, the rear diff mount on the body needs to have 46mm cut out of it and rewelded.

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All suspension, steering, brake etc products or components are to be specifically used in an ‘Off Road’ application for ‘Show’ purposes only.

Now all that aside, get out there, have some fun & be sure to tag our Instagram and Facebook page!

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