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These are a Custom length machined axle bar to suit standard 28 spline driveshafts, such as VP-VZ commodore IRS Driveshafts.

This listing is for - 

1 x Pair of Custom Length DRIVESHAFT Axle Bars
Please specify the Overall length of the Axle Bar needed in the 'notes' section at Checkout.

Custom length Axle's are used when shortening or extended the track width on the vehicle such as using our Shortened IRS Kit's etc

These Axle Bars are Machined in-house to suit the standard 28spline commodore CV Joint.
Generally the CV joint will be the weak link in the driveshaft, meaning if there was a CV failure you can replace it with a new CV without damage to the axle bar. 

However if needed, we can also supply Chromoly CV Cages as an upgrade.

Please Note-

When ordering please specify overall driveshaft Axle Bar length.
Axle Bars WILL NOT fit aftermarket 'Upgraded' Driveshafts/CV's.




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Please Note- All orders are manufactured per order, please allow up to 4 weeks for the order to be fulfilled before shipping.
If you have any queries on turn around time please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Do NOT place the order if you feel these wait times will not work in with your needs, we do not offer direct refunds due to each order being manufactured individually, only store credits will be offered.