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This is a braided brake line kit to go from the Master Cylinder(in the Engine Bay) down to the Hydraulic Handbrake and then from the Hydraulic Handbrake down to the rear of the vehicle (to either the calipers-IRS or the Rubber line on the body-Live Axle.)

To suit Vb,vc,vh,vk,vl,vn,vp,vr,vs live axle commodore (with disc brake rear) as well as Vt,vx,vy,vz,ve,vf IRS Commodores including the Ute/Wagon/Statesman/Monaro/GTO.

This listing is for-
All Braided Brake Lines required 

These braided brake line kits are a super easy way of installing an INLINE hydraulic handbrake setup into your Drift or Rally car!

Mount your Hydraulic Handbrake (preferably using an SCF Hydro mount!) then run the braided line from the forward most fitting on the Master Cylinder (the larger fitting, closest to the front of the vehicle)  then down through the firewall and into the rear inlet port on your Hydraulic Handbrake Master cylinder (the inlet and outlet ports run 2 different thread size/pitch so its hard to mess it up), the next line then runs from the front outlet port on the Hydraulic Handbrake Master cylinder and down through the floor toward the rear of the car.

Live Axle- If you have a Live Axle vehicle, the end of the braided line joins into the rubber brake line on the body which goes to the diff (
you will need to disconnect the steel line, however you can leave this fixed under the car for if you ever wish to return to original brakes)

IRS- If you have an IRS Vehicle, the end of the braided line joins into the supplied Tee piece, from there you will connect the two remaining brake lines and run them out to each caliper where you will undo the original rubber lines from the caliper and attach the new line.

ABS- On Vehicles equipped with ABS Brakes, you will be bypassing the ABS unit thus meaning you will lose the function of ABS Brakes. You will need to remove the rear brake line that goes from the Master to the ABS unit and fit the supplied Blanking Plug, then remove the ABS fuse which will prevent the unit from working. 
By doing this you will have an alert show up on the dash.
Please understand that by fitting a Hydraulic handbrake and removing the ABS system the car may react differently under heavy breaking than what you are used to so drive with caution! 

Be sure to secure the line along the body using P Clips (or Cable tie's if needed) to prevent the lines getting caught or snagged on anything whilst driving!
(Also keep in mind that blowing tyres off rims can cause the tyre belts to wrap around the Diff/IRS Arms and potentially destroy the brake lines! If you are the type to 'go till they blow' we suggest covering the lines for the last 100-150mm before the calipers with sheetmetal or Angle/box tube)

And lastly bleed the system!
In all cases we do suggest to 'bench bleed' the Handbrake Master Cylinder prior to fitting to the vehicle to prevent any bleeding issues once it is all installed, If you are unfamiliar with Bench Bleeding there are plenty of How To video's on Youtube📽

All lines are constructed from 304 grade stainless and then insulated in a Neon Green PVC to keep protected and looking fresh and clean!
All lines are ADR/DOT approved.

In the Live Axle Kit, you will be supplied with a line that runs from Master to Hydro and then from Hydro to the Rubber line coming from the diff, running rubber lines can reduce the responsiveness and feedback that you get from running Braid all the way from the Hydraulic handbrake too the calipers but is a good way of keeping the setup as cheap as possible, if you would prefer the simplicity/cleanliness & Responsiveness of the Braid the whole way then please choose the IRS option as this will supply you with a full set of lines all the way to the calipers!

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