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Provided in the kit is: 

Modified Steering Knuckles
Complete lower control arm/Caster arm assembly
Front Caster Plates

Extended Tie Rods (Rack Relocate Option Only, Rack Spacer option uses factory length Tie Rods)
Rack Spacers (Rack Spacer option)
Modified Subframe/Extended Steering Column (Rack relocate option)

If you select Changeover, you will need to send in your own knuckles.
If you select Changeover and Rack Relocate option, you will need to send in your own knuckles, k-frame and steering column.

Ship to: Showtime Customs & Fabrication
2 Depot Road, Heathcote 3523 VIC
0432 020 733

We strongly suggest that you send in your parts to be modified!
With an increasing difficulty in sourcing them, we cannot confirm an ETA

This kit is designed to be strong, light, super adjustable and fun!
It pulls massive lock and behaves very nicely.

This is a big lock kit that replaces the factory lower control arm and caster arm assembly with a chromoly tubular arm design,
This allows for added strength, reduced weight but most of all a lot of much needed clearance from big wheels at the newly achieved angle!
The design of the arm allows for adjustable caster, along with the added track width of 35mm increasing Stability and Camber!
This kit is achievable of over 65 degrees of lock and a very driveable and user friendly amount of Ackerman.
Fitted with Premium Teflon lined Chromoly Heim joints allows great adjustment with absolutely zero flex within the complete front suspension! 
To run this kit you will need to either remove the front sway bar completely or grab the sway bar links, These links mount the sway bar down to the control arm rather than up to the strut like factory.

It is highly recommended to run front coilovers or struts with a firmer spring rate (stock front struts with a good shock & lowered spring will work however)

Now to prevent steering bind at full lock we offer two options, either Rack Relocate or Rack Spacer option

This mean the Rack Relocate option cosists of a complete subframe (Leave a message in the Notes if you have either a V6, 5 litre or Ls1/2) 
Which moves the location of the steering rack forward 25mm
(please make sure you have clearance from the headers to move the rack 25mm forward, Email us if you have any queries)

Or alternatively, We have a bolt on rack spacer which effectively has the same effect by moving the tie rod position forward thus reducing steering bind. 
If you are building the car to a competetive level then we do suggest the Rack Relocate option as it is the stronger of the two setups.

This kit is designed to be bolt in with basic tools and no fabrication.

Please note- 
These kits are generally made up as per each order, therefor we do not offer a full refund incase the need to return any item, we only offer a store credit to the equal value (minus Shipping Costs) 

Please allow up to 4-5 weeks Manufacturing time before shipping, if you are concerned about shipping time please contact us in advance (we may be lucky enough to have a kit in stock ready to ship.



Use of ANY products or components designed, manufactured or sold by ‘Showtime Customs & Fabrication’ is done so at your own risk!

All products and components must be installed by a professional.

It is up the user to conduct regular maintenance checks and if there is a product or components to be found faulty or worn, to have it replaced before otherwise failure can occur.

Use of ANY products or components designed, manufactures or sold by ‘Showtime Customs & Fabrication’ leading to / resulting in any product damage, injury or death, Showtime customs & Fabrication is not liable or at fault.

All suspension, steering, brake etc products or components are to be specifically used in an ‘Off Road’ application for ‘Show’ purposes only.

Now all that aside, get out there, have some fun & be sure to tag our Instagram and Facebook page!

 Please Note- All orders are manufactured per order, please allow up to 6 weeks for the order to be fulfilled before shipping.

If you have any queries on turn around time please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Do NOT place the order if you feel these wait times will not work in with your needs, we do not offer direct refunds due to each order being manufactured individually, only store credits will be offered.

Standard product colour is green, please make a note on your order if you would like black.